The digital transformation of healthcare is revolutionizing the industry. Data is at the core of this revolution. Healthcare leaders know this transformation will require enhanced integration and collaboration between health plans and providers to control costs, mitigate risk and execute on value-based initiatives. We give you the power to harness and apply data drawn from disparate, disconnected systems to deliver more efficient and effective outcomes to patients.

Edifecs is removing the silos of paper and digital data on patients. We have built a framework to harness all available data into meaningful transactions that drive business initiatives in real-time. This allows systems to process and manage high volumes of data at high velocity and scale to help move from paper to digital.

We look forward to seeing you at HIMSS17, visit us at booth 6369.

See how our clients are “winning” from our customer-first innovation model focused on three areas:

Add Logic

Logic must be applied in real-time “on-the-wire” to affect patient care outcomes. Waiting weeks for predictive analytics from big data will not cut it.

Gain Insights

Accepting contract risk with confidence requires using all data and even enhancing the data with 3rd party services to elevate data into intelligence.

Manage Interventions

Prospective interventions are most effective when they can proactively impact care and deliver a better patient outcome.

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“We have to change the culture if we want to change the numbers.” Fortune Feb. 2016

We agree. That’s why we’re sponsoring #WhatIRun again this year at HIMSS17. Women are constantly on the go. They run companies, departments, budgets, carpools, households, marathons and 5Ks.
We are inviting our employees, partners, customers, friends, and other women to join the conversation.

We want tomorrow’s leaders, our daughters and nieces and friends, to understand that what they can achieve is limitless… Raise your voice and share your story so young women and girls raise their expectations for themselves by seeing all you do.

There are a couple ways to participate:

  • Submit your profile online at or in booth #6369 to receive an exclusive What do you run? t-shirt and a 15% off Ryka discount card. You’ll also be entered to win a pair of pink Ryka athletic shoes.* 
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Back by popular demand: #HersMeetUp @HIMSS17. We are hosting an invitation-only networking event to support women in healthcare and healthcare IT. If you would like to receive an invitation to this year’s party, please email Janet Hohmann at

*These items will be available for pick-up at Edifecs booth #6369. | #WhatIRun