Smart Trading 8.8 has been released with a list of upgrades and new capabilities!

Edifecs has 20 years of experience invested into this suite and we invite you to see the latest release.

Smart Trading 8.8 has a list of upgrades and new capabilities inspired from our loyal community of health plans, provider, and partners. In this webinar, the first webinar in our three part series, Maxim Abramsky, Senior Directors of Product Management, and his team as they will walk you through key Smart Trading updates and discuss:

  • Salesforce (CRM) integration with XEngine
  • How to automate to improve member experiences
  • Ways to reduce costs and drive consumer value

Our clients can now integrate their Salesforce (CRM) instance with their Edifecs environment. Utilizing member information from Salesforce, you can ensure members are enrolled properly and claims are paid correctly.

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Maxim Abramsky, Sr. Director of Product Management, Edifecs
Maxim Abramsky is a Senior Director of Product Management at Edifecs with over 10 years of experience in Healthcare Information Systems and related business technologies. Primary focus is on verticalizing product offerings for the US Healthcare Industry with direct expertise in working with large BCBS plans, Commercial and Delta Dental plans, State Medicaid plans and with national Center for Medicare Services.
Sergiu Rata, Sr. Director of Product Management, Edifecs
Sergiu is the Senior Director of Product Management at Edifecs and is responsible for product management and strategy for Transaction Management products. Sergiu brings more than a decade’s expertise in healthcare and integration experience in both product management and engineering. Sergiu is the architect of our Attachment Management solution that we will present today.

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