With Smart Trading for SMB from Edifecs, small to mid-size payers can quickly implement a cost-effective integration solution that delivers interoperability, data visualization, as well as data quality.

Edifecs ensures data delivery, provides fast and reliable data processing, and delivers user-friendly authoring tools that save time and money. Smart Trading for SMB provides out-of-the-box support for HIPAA, HL7, FHIR, and NCPDP, significantly reducing cost while delivering improved services to your business and partners.

With the Smart Trading for SMB webinar, learn how Edifecs can help you:

  • Save time and money by connecting to all trading partners and data types on a single platform
  • Prevent rejected claims by proactively identifying process anomalies
  • Reduce customer abrasion by uncovering issues before they become evident to your partners
  • Improve first pass rates and reduce “pended” claims with up-front code checks and clinical claim edits

Watch the Recording!

Meet the Presenters
Gregg Prothero, Sr. Director, Solution Consulting, Edifecs
Gregg currently leads a global team of pre-sales, technical consultants focused on solving healthcare information technology challenges. Prior to this role, he managed the go-to-market strategy for the Edifecs Smart Trading product line as director of product marketing. Gregg is a certified information system security professional with over 15 years of building integrated solutions in the healthcare industry.
Maxim Abramsky, Director, Product Management, Edifecs
Maxim Abramsky is a Senior Director of Product Management at Edifecs with over 10 years of experience in Healthcare Information Systems and related business technologies. Primary focus is on verticalizing product offerings for the US Healthcare Industry with direct expertise in working with large BCBS plans, Commercial and Delta Dental plans, State Medicaid plans and with national Center for Medicare Services.

Edifecs Inc. is a global healthcare software company committed to improving outcomes, reducing costs, and elevating the value of healthcare for everyone. Edifecs delivers the industry’s premier IT partnership platform to providers, insurers, pharmacy benefit management companies, and other trading partners. By mobilizing its leading solutions at the front end of the healthcare information pipeline, Edifecs provides a unified platform for partners to flexibly pilot and scale new initiatives using their existing enterprise systems. Since 1996, hundreds of healthcare customers have relied on Edifecs partnership solutions to future-proof their leading initiatives in the midst of a dynamic healthcare landscape. Edifecs is based in Bellevue, WA, with operations internationally. Learn more about us at edifecs.com.

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