Collaborative Testing

Edifecs Collaborative Testing is a testing solution providing an effective community based online platform. The solution accelerates onboarding new testing partners such as providers and clearinghouses, and offers capabilities to increase collaboration to improve testing effectiveness and completeness by using real life data to quantify risk and readiness when implementing mandates and new benefit programs.

In this course you will learn and practice the following skills:

  • Create task based program
  • Create custom/user-defined scenarios and assign them to Partners for external testing
  • Enroll Partners that are ready to perform external testing
  • Allow partners to upload test files, check their conformity with standards and view results
  • Test custom transactions and data formats with partners
  • View and track details related to partner status, partner type, program-wise progress, partner users etc. on one page
  • View and track details of all partners, users, for example, tracking partners progress on task completion, number of active users, their EULA status, issues assigned or created by users, role played by each user
  • Track testing status using dashboards and reports
  • Conduct surveys and gather feedback from trading partners


Allow your businesses and partners to collaborate on testing, share and compare data and reports and make informed decisions on the next steps based on the results. Integrate your trading partner test data into test execution activities, aligning business strategies and policies with mutual confidence. The solution helps you understand risk in its entirety and gain confidence in partner readiness, before going live in production.

Course Topics

  • Tool configuration & User management
  • Create & View Validation Program
  • Create & Enroll Partners
  • View, create and assign Scenarios
  • Training on provider view of the tool
  • End-to-end execution of scenarios
  • Create & View task based Program
  • End-to-end execution of Validation scenarios
  • Overview of Reports
  • Overview of Message & Issue features
  • Overview of Surveys
  • Hands on labs

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