The ACA Marketplace is experiencing a resurgence with an influx of new members and new participating plans. In fact, 30 new insurers entered the ACA Marketplace for the first time in 2021. This competition is driving plans to re-evaluate their ability to efficiently scale and manage enrollment operations to meet increased demand, which can mean the difference between success and failure in the ACA Marketplace. Download this Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) and Edifecs webinar as we shared important insights into:

  • The state of the ACA Marketplace and its current enrollment challenges
  • How Blue Cross NC approaches modernized ACA enrollment management
  • What the future holds for ACA plans and how should they prepare

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Meet the Presenters

Trevor Johnson VP, IT Solution Delivery, BCBS NC
Trevor Johnson is the VP of IT Solution Delivery for Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC. In this role, he is responsible for acquiring, building, and integrating solutions to automate and support ever changing business needs in the healthcare world. Trevor brings 23 years of IT experience focused on delivering software solutions. Trevor has proudly worked for Blue Cross NC for the past 14 years. Prior to Blue Cross NC, Trevor worked for Carnival Cruise Lines where he was responsible for the architecture and solution of the outbound direct sales call center. He supported the growth of the call center from 50 to 500 personal vacation planners over 5 years, implementing the eCommerce strategy. Trevor previously worked for consulting firm Noblestar Systems. He supported the ERP and CRM technical practice by delivering solutions for several clients, including Intel, Nike, Hewlett Packard,, and Litton Poly-Scientific. Trevor holds a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Toronto.

Trey Keller, VP Product Management, Edifecs 
Trey Keller is the Vice President of Product Management for the Consumer Enrollment product line at Edifecs, where he oversees all product strategy and development for a suite of products targeting the healthcare enrollment space. Prior to Edifecs, Trey worked as the Associate Vice President of Product Management at TriZetto (Cognizant), overseeing solutions in the Member, Consumer, and Broker space. Trey has his Masters in Engineering from Duke University, and his Masters in Finance from Indiana University.

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Webinar: Game Changer - Modernized Enrollment Management


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