Edifecs SpecBuilder Certified Associate

You have the knowledge and skills to succeed with SpecBuilder. Now get professional recognition. Take the online examination and become a SpecBuilder Certified Associate. Price: $150

SpecBuilder Certification

An Edifecs SpecBuilder Certified Associate should be able to create, edit and test SpecBuilder guidelines and error severity configuration files. Understand how to create and edit test data, compare files and de-identify confidential information in a data file. Take an online examination and earn professional recognition to become Edifecs SpecBuilder Certified Associate. Read exam guide


  • 50 questions, Time limit 75 min
  • Pass percentage 70%


Candidate must have at least 6 months work experience administrating SpecBuilder OR have attended SpecBuilder Training through Edifecs University.

Recommended Training

It is not mandatory to complete SpecBuilder training before taking the exam, however training can significantly increase your knowledge and skills with Edifecs SpecBuilder. It is important to note that training alone will not provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pass the assessment. Successful on-the-job experience is critical to pass the assessment.

Certification Program Agreement

Certification FAQs

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