Encounter Management

This Encounter Management training teaches you to manage and correct Encounters for the submission of accurate, complete, timely and quality data for encounter submission requirements for the Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAO) and Managed Care Organizations (MCO) market. Expert instructors will teach you how to search for claims, view business validations, understand activity state and dispositions of encounters, and review reporting dashboards.

Course Details:

In this course you will learn and practice the following skills:

  • Navigate the user interface
  • Review Claims and Encounters
  • Differentiate between Activity States and Dispositions and their meaning
  • Review reporting dashboards
  • Correct outbound encounters

Benefits for you:

Edifecs Encounter Management provides health plans visibility into the submission, compliance and reconciliation process for encounters. Know about role of Claim Processor and Application processor from Encounter Management product perspective, accurately track and monitor the status of encounters. Understand end-to-end process flow of encounter generation and submission to state.

What you’ll get:

Labs to take with you to help you as a reference guide

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