Health plans have recently demonstrated a marked desire to move back into ACA Marketplaces or join them for the first time. Meanwhile, the pandemic has precipitated a sharp increase in the number of people looking to these public exchanges for affordable health insurance coverage. In this webinar, we discuss how ACA-participating health plans can sharpen their competitive edge by improving enrollment operational efficiency, reducing financial exposure and enhancing member satisfaction.

  • Gain insight into the state of the market, including enrollment trends, industry and group size demographics, and other factors impacting member shifts
  • Identify the risks of ignoring the operational component of member enrollment, such as increased costs, reduced ability to scale, and greater exposure to financial volatility
  • Examine how to overcome common challenges to enrollment optimization for FFM/SBE health plans
  • Discuss the benefits of a modern, automated member enrollment platform and drawbacks, as well as misconceptions, of sticking with legacy enrollment systems